Documentary 52′ – HD – 16/9 – Stereo

Portrait of a group of gipsy’s jazz, Baxtaló Drom (Luck’s road in romani) make up of two guitars, a bass and a singer who interprets fragments of Django Reinhart, swing’s classics and its own compositions.
Baxtaló Drom are actually in an European’s capital, Madrid, quite hard touched by the economic crisis. Touched, but alive, high-boiling, cause Madrid looks relentlessly for new ways to advance.
In between year 2012 and year 2016, in the course of protest marches, of shared meals, of concerts and jam sessions, between confidences and daily life, the film draws the portrait of a city in a state of shock, in which live a group of fascinated musicians.
Baxtaló Drom is a scene’s group, which likes the direct contact with the public. His members enjoy playing, playing together, sharing, and that is obvious.
They bring the spectator in their enthusiasm and their enjoyment.
In fact, the members of Baxtaló Drom found, in the execution of their cheerful and joyful music, a positive alternative in the gloom and in the despair in whom could abandon them their situation, in this Spain in crisis which leaves very few space to his artists.



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